You are my Destiny…

Last week, I went to see Lionel Richie at the Birmingham 02 Arena ( It was a girl’s night out, I took my mum with us too!)

Lionel was fantastic, a real entertainer, you can watch and listen to us here singing along to his world famous hit ‘Hello’, I’ll apologise now for the singing!

It got me thinking how music is an important part of my life. It has such a big impact with our mind power. It sure makes a big difference in my life. Have you ever listened to a ‘feel good’ tune, then felt like you could conquer the world?

If you have been thinking about doing something new, changing your life, maybe start a new business, whatever it is… just remember that anything is possible if you truly believe you can do it.

Your belief is driven by your why.

I have my why truly and firmly at the forefront of my mind in everything I do in my life….

What is my WHY?

My 2 boys, Jacob 5 years old, Reuben 2.

I want an income that means I have complete time freedom to live the lifestyle they deserve.

What is your WHY?








This track of Lionel’s sums up for me, my why. It describes how I felt when my first son was born….even though for lionel he’s singing this song to his lover.


I work with people all around the world who have decided they can do it, so it is really up to YOU.

I’m so grateful that I decided to change my life, you know where to reach me if you’re ready for change and want my help.

If you want to get in touch through facebook, please send me a message.


Call +447980714981

Skype: Annathawe

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