Who am I?

I think it has been one of those days today. I had a lovely evening with H we spent 2 whole hours together with no boys and talked to each other and had fun rather than the normal passing each other on the stairs and only talking about our businesses or the children.

I woke up this morning and it was raining and think it seemed to rain all day this set the day up really. R woke up with a cough and sticky eyes and J with a runny nose and an attitude. Why is it when you have had a lovely evening and a couple of glasses of wine you wake up to the day of hell!

J just seemed to be whining all day nothing was right, the way I buttered the toast this morning to the way I played the jigsaw with him. I think a couple of late nights is the ‘why’ behind his day bless him. The emails and phone calls have not stopped all day either and this is good but is also the challenge of running home businesses whilst trying to juggle children. Mondays and Tuesdays are always busy days but today made me question ‘Who am I?’

Am I a wife? Mother? Business owner?Cook? Cleaner? No I am a woman!

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