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Hi my name is Anna Davidson Thawe, founder of Inspired Mum and Author of “Start holidaying in Barbados: The 5 secrets to sun-kissed success for Mumpreneurs”. I create Dream Lifestyles for Ambitious Mumpreneurs. In the last year alone, I won two awards, have helped hundreds of female career professionals transition from their corporate careers to running their own business flexibly around their family, whilst also working flexibly around mine.


I did that by 1:1 coaching, mentoring and education and through workshops and online programs. I recently worked with a very driven mum, Lucy, she is 35 years old has 3 young children under the age of 7, and worked full- time within the corporate industry. She was fed up with increased childcare & petrol costs which the recession here in the UK has fuelled and dreamed of earning 6-figures while spending more time with her children. I have helped her now transition, quit her job and is now her own boss. She now can chose the time she spends with her children, and make sure she never misses a nativity play or sports day again. Unlike the corporate world her income has no glass ceiling and the sky’s her limit.

Inspired Mum provides education, online programs, worksops and 1:1 mentoring for mums who are already on their journey to become an Entrepreneur or who are just getting started.

Would you happen to know any career professionals who would like to transition into entrepreneurship and could benefit working with me? Please ask them to contact me here.

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