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How to cut the cost of driving in 5 steps…

With all sorts of rising costs related to motoring, many drivers are looking for ways to help them meet their bills. Whilst you can’t avoid paying for road tax, car insurance, fuel and servicing, it is possible to make economies in all these areas. Here are five things to consider when it comes to cutting […]

Half term on a shoe string!

BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire contacted me as they had read my blog and wanted my tips for half term so here it is…. click here

5 ways to save the pennies this year…

Saving the pennies this year is a biggy for me not just because of the state of the economy but for me especially as I have been made redundant recently. There are many ways we can all save money and here are a few of my ideas: Change supermarkets – I love M&S and Sainsbury’s […]

Why did I stop blogging?

I set up Inspired mum the beginning of 2011 and was doing regular posts up until March but why did I stop? I am very goal driven and had all my goals set for the year but why didn’t I put continuing my blog on there? I guess last year was a big year for […]

6 things for half-term on a shoe string

Being on maternity leave my income has dropped significantly so it is imperative I am careful on my spending. Luckily we are heading into spring and summer although some parts of the country had snow again last week. The weather has been pretty crap and it’s hard to entertain the boys all day in the […]

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