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Ten Ways You Can Start Your Own Business

…. …. …. Doing Nothing! Hi  here is the post from Loic Le Mer you can read the original here This is one of the most inspiring posts I have read for a long time Please enjoy, but take notes, and then start implementing…. Many of my friends dream about starting their own business but they never do […]

The Diary Of An Inspired Mum – 2

If we go back 3 years you may recall I had got my book to the proof readers for a second read, I had found an on line marketing system, and I was feeling confident …. Was it all plain sailing from then on … in retrospect it does feel it … but lets just […]

The Secret To Earning A Second Income

Without A Time Consuming Second Job yeah right …  I know, that is what I thought… Have you ever been in the situation where you just want to stop the world and get off… Busy job, kids screaming, hubby asking where  dinner is, having to choose between school shoes or my shoes… Always too much month […]

Your mind is a powerful tool…

I love this video – if I’m having a bad day I play it to remind me that I can achieve whatever I want to achieve in life! The line I want you to remember is “If you believe you can or you can’t you are probably right” What we believe in creates physical power. […]

Wow! Two months gone already in 2012?

With nearly a quarter of the year gone already I’m still talking to other business owners about the importance of writing down your goals. So have you got yours to hand? Just ask yourself the following questions? Where are you going to be in January 2013? How will you look back at 2012? What do […]

10 things for 2011

My goals for 2011: 1. Family Holiday – first one as a 4 to Portugal 2.  Move house – another renovation project 3. Create multiple income streams – become self- employed 4. Holiday with the girls – time out! 5. Self development – become an expert on social media and blogging 6. Become a mumpreneur! 7. Weekend away with hubby […]

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