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After listening to Stuart Ross, from the Digital Experts Academy this morning, I wanted to inspire you to make sure whatever business you are in whether it be offline or online, you know your target market.

Do you have your Customer Avatar?

Mine is Lucy, aged 35, works or has worked in the corporate world, used to a good salary of 60-100K a year, is a mum, dreams of the lifestyle of MORE time to do the things she loves, with her family and be able to choose the time and gain time FREEDOM.

The reason this is my avatar as this was me and so if I have been able to do it then I’m sure I can add value and support and mentor others to do the same.

Watch this video I made today….

If you would like to join a community of like minded entrepreneurs for more tips to help on journey within the digital world, please do contact me directly, or click here to get started straight away. Here’s to your success as a Digital Entrepreneur!

See you at the top!

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