Do you want to be an Author?

There are many of us think there is a “book in us” but how many people actually go and do it!

With the launch of my FIRST book a few weeks ago, I wanted to write this post as you have until midnight tonight to download it on Kindle for free!

So you want to be an Aunthor?

“How do I go and write my book?” I here you say

Well firstly you need to decide what you are going to write about, then you need to do your research on your target market.

For me I want to help Mums become Mumpreneurs and unleash the Digital Marketer in them but for you it may be a fiction novel.

It’s up to you!

I am going to be putting together a report with a step by step guide on how to write a book and get it published, so watch this space…

Finally this is what my readers have said so far…

Start Holidaying in Barbados? Want to be Super-successful starting a business at home?

This book contains the secrets of running a business as a mum, flexibly around your family.

Anna Davidson Thawe (Inspired Mum) shares her 5 Secrets to Success as an Award winning Mumpreneur.

“Anna shares her 5 secrets for success. She includes exercises and tips for her mumpreneur audience, interspersed with relevant quotes to ensure the success of her readers.” Lyn Blackledge, Award winning mumpreneur,

“Anna has written a book that is a great mix of inspiration, fun and practical advice for mumpreneurs. Every mum in business who wants to succeed will learn something from her five secrets. “ Antonia Chitty, Award winning entrepreneur and Author of The Mumpreneur Guide,

If you really want to be an author and need my help please get in touch with me.

If you would like to join a community of like minded entrepreneurs for more tips to help on journey within the digital world, please do contact me directly, or click here to get started straight away. Here’s to your success as a Digital Entrepreneur!

See you at the top!

The Power of Words

Do you think about the words you use?

Do you look at the good in a situation?

The power of the words we use can completely change a situation.

I wanted to share this video, which impacted on me. Read more »

Are you feeling Grateful?

We talk about gratitude and everyone immediately thinks about the people close to them and their material posessions, but I think gratitude goes deeper than that.

For me it is to think of every little thing you have in your life that brings you joy and you are truly grateful for.

One way to test this is to first thing in the morning think of 5 things you are grateful for? Do it every day for 30 days but don’t repeat any of the things.

Gratitude for me is every little part of my life, one thing I’m grateful for at the minute here in the UK is my central heating as it is freeeezing outside!

Here is a list of some of the things I am grateful for:

My health
My 2 boys, Jacob & Reuben, for helping me realise I had more to give the world and for making me smile every day
Huntley Thawe for being the big Kid he is
My home
My Car
My parents support and encouragement and for being them
My sister Sara always being there and my beautiful nephew Daniel
All my neices and nephews
Stuart Ross for teaching me about the Digital World
Jay Kubassek for again teaching me some kick ass techniques and always replying to my messages
Nigel Botterill the inspiration for me to become a Mumpreneur
Ian Prowse a friend, business collegue
All my girl friends especially Alexis, Jo, Jannette, Clare, Karen, Emma and Sarah – I love you in so many different ways
My cousin Lucy for being the younger sis I never had
My sis-in-law Marcia for being my rock
My other sis-in-law Leigh for her heart of gold
Utility Warehouse and the people I have met, Wes and Maz
The 4 Muskateers(myself, Steve, Jacques and Chris)- One for all and all for one!
Gary Deighton for inspiring me
Recep Damdam for always believing in me
Leeds for my 2nd home
Mike Shinton for saving my soul in the corporate world
My dog souska for loving me no matter what I do
Kevin Williams for creating my enlightenment to be deeper
My central heating for keeping me warm
My broadband for enabling me to keep in contact with the world
Hot water to keep me clean
The food & water that surrounds us and keeps me alive
Being born and raised up north
Being born in the UK and not in the third world
Queen Mary School and my mates
Facebook, Twitter and other social media
The Digital World for inspiration
Mumpreneurs again for all of them they are all such stars
My mother-in-law for shouting, childcare, lovely food and her warmth and love she passes to others
Working for Pfizer for the Viagra story and the basics of my success
Martin Wabara for teaching me how to sell and being a friend too
Nasar Hussain for his understanding and drive to succeed
Junior Reed for his chats and outlook of the world
All the boys, Andy Comarsh, Ashleigh West, Roy Grey
Val & Steve the best neighbours and friends I have met
Jonaro and Pat for being the best married couple in the world
The love I have to give and the love I receive from others around me

The list could go on and I will add to this daily so watch this space…

GRATITUDE what are you grateful for?

Please comment and add your thoughts….gratitude definietly makes me feel content what does it do for you?

Online Business ideas to boost your income

The Internet offers many business opportunities. You can become a part of someone elseís enterprise or create a business of your own. There are many advantages to starting an Internet business. Here are the top Internet business ideas to help you find that appropriate niche you are looking for.

Every day people search the Internet for all sorts of opportunities. With this economy, the number one search is for ways to make money with low startup costs. Many of the basic equipment needed to begin Internet businesses are in your home right now. If you have a computer with a high-speed Internet connection, a telephone, a desk, and a printer, you can get going right away.

1. Blogging. This is the way to create an online presence without the technical issues of owning your own website (that comes later). Most blogs are offered with free hosting and come with already installed features so set up is easy. Blog about anything that you find interesting and will be interesting to other readers. A blog with a niche will perform better a personal one. Blogs can also make money with programs like Google Adwords and AdSense. Pay per Click advertising also works for generating revenue.

2. Internet research. Anyone who can navigate the Internet and find out almost anything, can market themselves as an Internet researcher. Large and small companies will pay you to find out information for them, create reports from the research.

3. Selling products. If you have a hobby like making and selling crafts you can expand your business online with a website. Set up a website that caters to your product offerings. Market these products online to drive traffic to your website.

4. Selling on eBay. With this idea, you set up shop on the Internet. You can sell products you created or items you own that you want to sell. Many now make a living selling on eBay. As your business grows, you can expand to involve other product markets.

5. Freelancing. Many online and offline businesses are looking for help. Freelancers lower the overhead of the company thus becoming more profitable for many jobs than hiring someone to work in the office. Depending on your talent, hire yourself out at a freelance writer, graphic artist, website designer or programmer.

6. Virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are the going trend for many businesses. In the beginning, virtual assistants performed the administrative duties of a company from their home. Now, VAís can be found in all career specialties like medical, real estate, marketing and publishing. They perform tasks above administrative such as website administrator, report creation and Internet research.

7. Membership sites. You see more of these around these days. With a membership site, you choose a niche, such as online marketing. Customers pay to join at a certain level (gold, silver, bronze) and are rewarded with certain perks for their membership that include newsletters, videos or articles on marketing and services to help expand their own business. You create the website and supply the materials yourself or through outsourcing each month to your members.

Do you have an idea of what your Internet business idea might be? This list should get you started.

If you would like to join a community of like minded entrepreneurs for more tips to help on journey within the digital world, please do contact me directly, or click here to get started straight away. Here’s to your success as a Digital Entrepreneur!

See you at the top!

You are my Destiny…

Last week, I went to see Lionel Richie at the Birmingham 02 Arena ( It was a girl’s night out, I took my mum with us too!)

Lionel was fantastic, a real entertainer, you can watch and listen to us here singing along to his world famous hit ‘Hello’, I’ll apologise now for the singing!

It got me thinking how music is an important part of my life. It has such a big impact with our mind power. It sure makes a big difference in my life. Have you ever listened to a ‘feel good’ tune, then felt like you could conquer the world?

If you have been thinking about doing something new, changing your life, maybe start a new business, whatever it is… just remember that anything is possible if you truly believe you can do it.

Your belief is driven by your why.

I have my why truly and firmly at the forefront of my mind in everything I do in my life….

What is my WHY?

My 2 boys, Jacob 5 years old, Reuben 2.

I want an income that means I have complete time freedom to live the lifestyle they deserve.

What is your WHY?








This track of Lionel’s sums up for me, my why. It describes how I felt when my first son was born….even though for lionel he’s singing this song to his lover.


I work with people all around the world who have decided they can do it, so it is really up to YOU.

I’m so grateful that I decided to change my life, you know where to reach me if you’re ready for change and want my help.

If you want to get in touch through facebook, please send me a message.


Call +447980714981

Skype: Annathawe

7 Tips to Networking that actually work

Networking online and offline is imperative to every small business and offline business networking has impacted on my success in a big way. Networking is a fab way to meet like minded people, to share success, to discuss what’s not working and to also act as a sign post to support other business owners connecting each others contacts.

I run a networking group through Networking Mummies being Branch Leader for Birmingham. It’s aimed at mums in business but we welcome everyone and children are welcome to many of our meetings too. Before I had the boys I attended many business networking events in the evening, but as a mum we have to find the right work/life balance so Networking Mummies was a great fit as “Guilt-free” networking where mums can bring their children has helped me to meet more like minded mums in business.

Working for yourself can be lonely too and many mums lack confidence so the “traditional” business networking can be a challenge. Many fear the dread of walking in to a crowded room and starting a conversation so I have put together my top 7 tips on networking to help you get started.

  • Be yourself – It’s important to come across genuine and be friendly, as if you are not relaxed because you are pretending to be someone you’re not it will come across. We are all alot more attracted to people who come across genuine so be yourself and smile!
  • No pushy sales talk – Networking is all about relationship building, so be relaxed, get to know people and keep things conversational. Other people are much more likely to do business with people they like and trust, rather than people who go straight in to pitching their business.
  • 60 second pitch – It is important to have ready a clear concise 60 second summary of your business including who your target market is. This is so when you get asked others understand clearly what you do and what you need to grow your business.
  • Share your Passions – We all love stories and enthusiasm, so share your story of why you went into business and ask and listen to their story too.
  • Seeking how you can help others – Good eye contact and listening to others you meet shows a genuine interest. I am a big believer in listening to others to find out exactly what they do and who they need to be connected to, I then think of who I know that they could be connected to that would bring a mutual benefit. This then helps others to do the same for me, remember networking is about building relationships.
  • Don’t leave it to chance – Be clear of who you need to be connected to because as you build relationships it’s important to know exactly who you need to be connected to so you can build your business
  • Follow up – This is one of the most important tips. You have made some great contacts where you can support each other and conclusions you agree to must be followed up. I always try and follow up with people within a week of meeting them as otherwise it’s a wasted opprtunity as they may forget you.

Anna Davidson Thawe listed in Top 100 mums in business!

Well what an exciting few weeks for Anna Davidson Thawe! At the end of last month she was presented with an Entrepreneur Award and now just this week it was announced she is a winner of a Mumsclub Top 100 Mums in Business 2012 award!

“I knew at the start of this year 2012 was going to be a year to remember, and it has been a rollercoaster of a year to say the least, but being recognised by these two awards makes everything so worthwhile” she says. Having been made redundant early this year, Anna dreamed of being recognised within the Mumpreneur community and this news is great publicity in time for her book launch next month.

“I’m still climbing my mountain, as have big goals for Inspired Mum but winning these awards gives me more fire in my belly to go out there and achieve my dreams. I’ve always been ambitious, but launching my own business gives me not only the flexibility to spend more time with my boys, it also gives me more fulfillment as I can really let loose on my passions”

Anna was nominated for the award which then went to a voting system and was selected to be Top 100 mums in business at the end of National Business Mums week last week. Mumsclub is a support and community on and offline which is a great place for start up mums in business to go.

She would also like to recognise her fellow Top 100 Business mums in the East and West Midlands.

Tracey Catherine Hurst – Information Empires

Kizzy Bass – Kizzy Bass Business Services

Amanda Waring – Mama Jewels UK

Toniann Harwood – Not Just Jigs

Who reads my blog?

Live 24 Seven do the lifestyle magazine apparantly…

I’ve often questioned “Are blogs really that powerful?” and repeatedly I’m proven yes they are!

The more value you offer to your readers and the more content will drive traffic to you site.

Also you can get backlinks and partnerships with the relationships you form with other bloggers or press and media requests.

I’ve just found this ( see below) in Live 24 Seven magazine in the October issue which was take from my blog post “How did I lost my baby fat?”

So who do you know reads your blog?


Six Figure Mumpreneurs!

With the economy still being as gloomy as ever and the future not looking like it’s going to recover very quickly.

Mums are being inspired and getting their creative head on to start their own business and some are putting their skills to the test and having some big ideas or even inventions. As mothers we have always been good multi-taskers but it takes an expert multi tasker to be able to manage a family, be a wife and become a mumpreneur. What a great way to turn a negative situation, the recession, the rise in child-care and petrol costs and turn it into a positive, saving money and having more time as family whilst building an income and a career too.

According to recent research 39% of mums are turning to their skill set and looking at staring a business with 34% saying that the recession has played a huge part in having that “light bulb” moment.

The recession and the fact that time had become more important than money played a huge part in me making the decision to quit the corporate rat race and start my journey to become a six figure mumpreneur.

If you would like a copy of my free report “The 5 biggest mistakes Mumpreneurs make when selling” put your email address in the box at the top of this page and make sure you Live, Love and Laugh on your journey to online success!


How can you increase your PR and win an award?

I have been spending alot of time learning and implementing everything I have been taught by Nigel Botterill and Stuart Ross. I’m spending more and more time in the digital world. Wow times are moving fast online!

Facebook ads have been a big focus of mine,  you can drive traffic to your site or landing page and advertise specifically to your market. I have been creating ads for mums in business and mumpreneurs and have been getting some great leads.

So I have been focusing on driving traffic, video marketing and building my list before the launch of my online programme. I have so many ideas of reports, ebooks, membership sites to launch for the future that my head coud explode. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve corrected them.  As long as we have a clear vision of where we are going, we are clear of our why that drives us to get there then it doesn’t matter about the mistakes. We must make sure we are learning and growing to be an expert in our field.

I’ve been a member of Nigel Botterill’s Entrepreneur’s circle for a while, he really does make sence and he is so creative with his copy writing he inspires me to get things done. I attended his Millionaire’s Master Plan event in May which delivered fantastic value and results to my business. I have implemented so much since then as one of his major messages is stop procrastinating and just get stuff done!

What was amazing was yesterday I was presented with an Entrepreneur of the month award! We always feel we haven’t done much as we are always growing on our journey and our goals grow too but it was great to be recognised for the stuff I’ve got done.

All day I have seized the opportunity, I suddenly thought people may want to hear my story… Corporate sales mum is made redundant after 15 years, starts a flexible business from home supporting and mentoring other mums in business so she can see her children grow up but earn an income too and then wins an Entrepreneur Award!

So how can you win an award? Google women in business awards, or mum in business awards and network with other mumpreneurs and apply and nominate yourself and others. It’s not about the winning, as if you are shortlisted make some noise too as it is fab PR for you and your business.

If you want to apply for an award now Mumsclub Awards nominations close tomorrow so get crackin…




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