The Secret To Earning A Second Income

Anna Davidson ThaweWithout A Time Consuming Second Job

yeah right …  I know, that is what I thought…

Have you ever been in the situation where you just want to stop the world and get off… Busy job, kids screaming, hubby asking where  dinner is, having to choose between school shoes or my shoes… Always too much month and never enough money? I found myself on the wrong end of this picture just after my second baby was born, Read more »

Learn How – To Work Less, Earn More, & Actually Enjoy Life

Key To Your FUture

Mums,are you ready to receive an amazing free gift?

A gift that has the potential to change your life and the life of your family forever.

Can you let your mind free and just think about waking up each morning with no alarm clock,

in the safe and secure knowledge that all your bills are paid, Read more »

Poplico Mini Bag for Scooters Review

I was recently asked to review the Poplico Mini Bag for Scooters.

I have two scooter fans in my house Jacob who’s 6 years old and Reuben who’s 3 years old and both wanted to use the bag when it arrived. The bag was the perfect size to hang to clip on to the bars of a scooter and we were sent the boys version in a great camouflage design.

The bag is to carry items out of the house and hang the bag on to the scooter bars. I’ve found the little men in my house like to carry their things on the go so was a great idea. Read more »

5 Business Strategies that can make a good Marriage!

Over the last twelve months my once ‘Perfect Marriage’ has seemed to have crumbled and after analysing where it went wrong, I wanted to share with you some business strategies that could keep your marriage strong.

Some of you may challenge me on this as I suppose I am taking the romance away from things, but I was brought up within a happy home with two parents that have recently celebrated their Ruby wedding anniversary, who taught me that marriage is a life long commitment and that you take the rough with the smooth! Read more »

My Why…

Welcome to Inspired Mum…

Hi my name is Anna Davidson Thawe, founder of Inspired Mum and Author of “Start holidaying in Barbados: The 5 secrets to sun-kissed success for Mumpreneurs”. I create Dream Lifestyles for Ambitious Mumpreneurs. In the last year alone, I won two awards, have helped hundreds of female career professionals transition from their corporate careers to running their own business flexibly around their family, whilst also working flexibly around mine. Read more »

What happens if you put an iPad in the microwave…

Burnt & cracked IPad

Burnt & cracked iPad

….it burns, cracks and explodes! This is what my son Reuben found out yesterday morning. Read more »

EBooks: A High Profit, Low-Maintenance Business

As you are aware, last month I launched my first Ebook. If you are serious about making money online, there are a number of ways to do it. One profitable idea is eBooks. They require very little cost upfront and can provide lots of revenue for your business.

What are EBooks?

EBooks are digital reading media that is easy to pass along to others. Many are opting for electronic books over printed books these days for several reasons. One, eBooks are shorter versions of more traditional books that can be created and published by you. Read more »

Steal my best ideas?

Customer Avatar….

After listening to Stuart Ross, from the Digital Experts Academy this morning, I wanted to inspire you to make sure whatever business you are in whether it be offline or online, you know your target market.

Do you have your Customer Avatar? Read more »

Girl Power!

With International women’s day last week and Mothering sunday yesterday are you feeling the Girl Power?

It got me thinking about the world that us ladies juggle…

Being a mum is a full-time job on its own, with J starting school last September I’ve been giving him some extra time for reading and writing and am really proud at how much he has improved in such a short space of time. R is still having his 2 year old tantrums and is such a daddy’s boy sometimes I’m just NOT what he needs bless him. Read more »

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