My first ‘Red Carpet’ experience in Leicester Square

It all started when I woke up last Saturday and found I had an email from the team to say Congratulations! I read on…I had won a competition I had entered the week before to meet Kate Garraway ( Daybreak) and husband Derek Draper and their children. We needed to go down to Leicester Square in London and be their guests at the Gala premiere of the 3D film Yogi Bear! I was so excited but didn’t believe it. No surely it couldn’t be me I never win anything. The email said I should call David so I ran downstairs told H and my boys but nobody seemed to believe me. I then rang David and I left a message. I spent the next hour wondering whether I had really won. Was it a mistake? Had they got the wrong person? How would we get down there? I was going to an important seminar how could I do both?

Since January things have been busy R has started to sit up properly and trying bits of purees and finger foods, J split his head open attempting to be spider man at Nanny’s. I had joined the become a mumpreneur course and was sorting my blog plus involved in both businesses for H.  H had lots of work on and enquiries for wedding’s. We hadn’t spent a day as a family together it seemed since Christmas. Then the phone rang it was Derek we had won! Woop Woop! Lovely man very amiable and chatty he said they would pay for our travel expenses and we must meet them outside the cinema in Leicester square the following morning. Yipeee! I ran and told H and he didn’t quite believe it. Wow which other celebrities would be going? What am I going to wear? We were so excited what a fantastic treat.

The next morning couldn’t come soon enough but I had to get the boys up washed, dressed and fed ready to leave for 8am. The big boy took the longest to get up as per usual as he had been DJing til the early hours. We were ready and set off on our exciting experience and arrived in London in good time but to find that Leicester Square was celebrating Chinese New Year! We managed to find a space down a side street with the help from a very friendly traffic warden whose words were ‘you have to be blessed to find a car parking space down here’.

We got outside of the Vue cinema and there were lots of photographers and press outside and a barrier with doormen. J was so excited he was trying to run in and a guy came out and asked for me so we went through the entrance. This was the biggest buzz ever with everyone looking at us. A s soon as we stepped inside we were spoilt there were celebrities, drinks, snacks, face painting, photos, balloon modelling and more celebrities. Eamon Holmes, Dane Bowers, Vanessa Feltz, Gail Porter, Sharon Davies, Chico to name a few. Also H kept getting mistaken for Ian Wright which was hilarious. Then we met Kate and Derek, Darcey and Billy they were all such lovely people. Kate wanted us to go downstairs so we could have our photo with the press and accompany Kate with interviews this was amazing we always see it on the news from the outside don’t we but to be on the inside was an amazing feeling. Lot’s of different people wanted to interview Kate then Derek got J a Yogi Bear hat they really spoilt us rotten showering us with gifts. Then we were told the film was starting Yogi Bear. It was fab especially in 3D it’s a perfect family film fun for the adults too. J found it all intriguing as it was his first 3D at the cinema. He had a 3D DVD at home with the glasses but had never been to a big cinema to watch one so was amazed bless him. R managed to stay nice and chilled until the last five minutes of the film so was an all round enjoyable outing!

Kate and Derek and the team we couldn’t thank you enough. We were treated like celebrities and will never forget the day and I will be going back to to see what other treats are on offer.

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