How to cut the cost of driving in 5 steps…

With all sorts of rising costs related to motoring, many drivers are looking for ways to help them meet their bills.

Whilst you can’t avoid paying for road tax, car insurance, fuel and servicing, it is possible to make economies in all these areas. Here are five things to consider when it comes to cutting the cost of driving.

1. Drive carefully
Driving carefully means more than just obeying the rules of the road. If you apply consistent care to the way in which you drive your car, you could be rewarded with reduced running costs.

Keeping your speed down will help you save on fuel; this is worth remembering when you’re tempted to put your foot down. Driving at 70mph can eat up almost 30% more fuel than staying at a steady 50mph. Avoiding braking sharply and keeping a light touch on the accelerator will also improve your fuel efficiency.

Tyres are important, too – low air pressure can lead to increased fuel consumption, so make sure yours are checked regularly.

2. Reduce mileage
Every mile you drive costs you money, so it makes sense to consider whether your journey is really necessary. If you’re in the habit of jumping into the car whenever you need to run an errand, why not try to reduce your mileage with a bit of forward planning?

You might find that, by keeping a list of things you need to buy or do, you can get it all done in one trip, saving time and money into the bargain.

3. Find cheaper fuel
The cost of motoring really hits home at the petrol pump. You can start saving money by making your own comparison of local forecourt prices, or look online for websites designed to locate the cheapest fuel in your area. If there’s a supermarket nearby, you might find its fuel is cheaper than some independent petrol stations.

Look out, too, for the petrol promotions frequently offered by large supermarkets. Together with loyalty schemes, they can help you make a worthwhile saving on the price of fuel, especially if you’re a high mileage driver.

4. Reduce your road tax
You may think road tax is a fixed sum that can’t be reduced, but there are ways of paying less for your annual tax disc.

If you’re thinking of changing your car for a new model, consider going green. The fuel economy labels on the cars displayed in the showroom will help you compare different cars.

New cars are given a rating from band A (green) to band G (red); band A is the most fuel efficient. The labels determine how much road tax is payable each year – the more fuel efficient the car, the less tax you will pay – and, of course, you’ll save on fuel, too!

5. Car insurance
Car insurance can be a major outlay, so it makes sense to take care when you are comparing quotes. Cutting costs needn’t mean cutting corners – a cheap policy might not turn out to be a bargain in the event of a breakdown or accident.

Make sure you are getting value for money by choosing a car insurance policy that gives you all the cover you need.

Author Bio:
Janet Chapman writes on a range of topics including family matters and car insurance. In her free time she enjoys cooking, the countryside and trying to train her large dog.

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