How can we create more free time?

We all would say we need more time to do the things we enjoy, spend time with our family, or go away with or friends, more time at the gym maybe?

When I was working in the corporate world I literally had no time. I seemed to spend lots of time on the phone in the car stuck in traffic, dropping my boys early at nursery and picking them up late to see them for 1 hour before they went to bed. In fact I was also away from home a lot on courses or meetings.

I know many successful corporate world employees and business owners who may earn a good five or six figure salary but just have no time to spend it or enjoy it.

So is there another way?

To leverage our time we really need to be generating an income passively or creating a residual income. Authors, Record artists jump to mind straight away as they earn royalties but how can Joe Bloggs do this? If like me you’re not only a business owner but are a mother too how do you juggle this around your other commitments?

Here are some suggestions, get involved with a Network Marketing opportunity, where you can build a team so will leverage your time, Or write an ebook, ecourse on your area of expertise?, Or get involved with Internet or affiliate marketing where you get paid commissions for recommending products by direct sales?

There are lots of ways but you need to find one that fits with you and your lifestyle and with the current state of the economy lots of people are looking for home based business opportunities. So have you got your plan B? How are you earning a residual income?

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