Girl Power!

With International women’s day last week and Mothering sunday yesterday are you feeling the Girl Power?

It got me thinking about the world that us ladies juggle…

Being a mum is a full-time job on its own, with J starting school last September I’ve been giving him some extra time for reading and writing and am really proud at how much he has improved in such a short space of time. R is still having his 2 year old tantrums and is such a daddy’s boy sometimes I’m just NOT what he needs bless him.

Being a domestic goddess has it’s challenges too. I love cooking, don’t mind doing the washing and the cleaning but I hate ironing! All these things take time which is what I ain’t got!

Being a business owner takes focus, you have to be goal-focussed otherwise nothing get’s done. I got some big goals but sometimes procrastination takes over.

Being a wife, partner, lover, now this is the challenging one…probably where I always go wrong…I wear my heart on my sleeve and always seem to get hurt…love what is it love?

Time for Girl Power? We might not prioritise time for us, to work out in the gym, or go for a massage, but we should be planning in time with the girls. Girl power makes us stronger, more liberated and we can achieve more by supporting each other.

So I urge you to book in time for you, time for you and your loved ones, and prioritise time for the girls!

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