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Where Do Your Kids Surf?

I know age old question, and I am sure you Know… I mean you have parental controls in place on their computers and tablets don’t you… you do don’t you?   I knew I was covered…  I am an Internet Goddess … I am tech savvy ~ I make my living on line… so I absolutely […]

My Why…

Welcome to Inspired Mum…

Hi my name is Anna Davidson Thawe, founder of Inspired Mum and Author of “Start holidaying in Barbados: The 5 secrets to sun-kissed success for Mumpreneurs”. I create Dream Lifestyles for Ambitious Mumpreneurs. In the last year alone, I won two awards, have helped hundreds of female career professionals transition from their corporate careers to […]

Girl Power!

With International women’s day last week and Mothering sunday yesterday are you feeling the Girl Power? It got me thinking about the world that us ladies juggle… Being a mum is a full-time job on its own, with J starting school last September I’ve been giving him some extra time for reading and writing and […]

Do you want to be an Author?

There are many of us think there is a “book in us” but how many people actually go and do it! With the launch of my FIRST book a few weeks ago, I wanted to write this post as you have until midnight tonight to download it on Kindle for free! So you want to […]

The Power of Words

Do you think about the words you use? Do you look at the good in a situation? The power of the words we use can completely change a situation. I wanted to share this video, which impacted on me.

Are you feeling Grateful?

We talk about gratitude and everyone immediately thinks about the people close to them and their material posessions, but I think gratitude goes deeper than that. For me it is to think of every little thing you have in your life that brings you joy and you are truly grateful for. One way to test […]

Anna Davidson Thawe listed in Top 100 mums in business!

Well what an exciting few weeks for Anna Davidson Thawe! At the end of last month she was presented with an Entrepreneur Award and now just this week it was announced she is a winner of a Mumsclub Top 100 Mums in Business 2012 award! “I knew at the start of this year 2012 was going […]

Who reads my blog?

Live 24 Seven do the lifestyle magazine apparantly… I’ve often questioned “Are blogs really that powerful?” and repeatedly I’m proven yes they are! The more value you offer to your readers and the more content will drive traffic to you site. Also you can get backlinks and partnerships with the relationships you form with other […]

Six Figure Mumpreneurs!

With the economy still being as gloomy as ever and the future not looking like it’s going to recover very quickly. Mums are being inspired and getting their creative head on to start their own business and some are putting their skills to the test and having some big ideas or even inventions. As mothers […]

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