Are you feeling Grateful?

We talk about gratitude and everyone immediately thinks about the people close to them and their material posessions, but I think gratitude goes deeper than that.

For me it is to think of every little thing you have in your life that brings you joy and you are truly grateful for.

One way to test this is to first thing in the morning think of 5 things you are grateful for? Do it every day for 30 days but don’t repeat any of the things.

Gratitude for me is every little part of my life, one thing I’m grateful for at the minute here in the UK is my central heating as it is freeeezing outside!

Here is a list of some of the things I am grateful for:

My health
My 2 boys, Jacob & Reuben, for helping me realise I had more to give the world and for making me smile every day
Huntley Thawe for being the big Kid he is
My home
My Car
My parents support and encouragement and for being them
My sister Sara always being there and my beautiful nephew Daniel
All my neices and nephews
Stuart Ross for teaching me about the Digital World
Jay Kubassek for again teaching me some kick ass techniques and always replying to my messages
Nigel Botterill the inspiration for me to become a Mumpreneur
Ian Prowse a friend, business collegue
All my girl friends especially Alexis, Jo, Jannette, Clare, Karen, Emma and Sarah – I love you in so many different ways
My cousin Lucy for being the younger sis I never had
My sis-in-law Marcia for being my rock
My other sis-in-law Leigh for her heart of gold
Utility Warehouse and the people I have met, Wes and Maz
The 4 Muskateers(myself, Steve, Jacques and Chris)- One for all and all for one!
Gary Deighton for inspiring me
Recep Damdam for always believing in me
Leeds for my 2nd home
Mike Shinton for saving my soul in the corporate world
My dog souska for loving me no matter what I do
Kevin Williams for creating my enlightenment to be deeper
My central heating for keeping me warm
My broadband for enabling me to keep in contact with the world
Hot water to keep me clean
The food & water that surrounds us and keeps me alive
Being born and raised up north
Being born in the UK and not in the third world
Queen Mary School and my mates
Facebook, Twitter and other social media
The Digital World for inspiration
Mumpreneurs again for all of them they are all such stars
My mother-in-law for shouting, childcare, lovely food and her warmth and love she passes to others
Working for Pfizer for the Viagra story and the basics of my success
Martin Wabara for teaching me how to sell and being a friend too
Nasar Hussain for his understanding and drive to succeed
Junior Reed for his chats and outlook of the world
All the boys, Andy Comarsh, Ashleigh West, Roy Grey
Val & Steve the best neighbours and friends I have met
Jonaro and Pat for being the best married couple in the world
The love I have to give and the love I receive from others around me

The list could go on and I will add to this daily so watch this space…

GRATITUDE what are you grateful for?

Please comment and add your thoughts….gratitude definietly makes me feel content what does it do for you?

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