6 things for half-term on a shoe string

Being on maternity leave my income has dropped significantly so it is imperative I am careful on my spending. Luckily we are heading into spring and summer although some parts of the country had snow again last week. The weather has been pretty crap and it’s hard to entertain the boys all day in the house. Here are the things we got up to this week:

  1. Get outside – whatever the weather children love being outside so grab the dog and wrap up and head outside. We are lucky to be close to fields where the imagination and views of horses and sheep can keep the boys entertained. When I was a child we regularly walked in the Lake District and I can’t wait to get the boys up there this year. Even if it is raining a nice walk to fill the lungs with fresh air can do us all good no matter how old your children are. Remember also it doesn’t cost you anything!
  2. Local Library – rhyme and time at the library is fab for babies and toddlers. The library want to get young children into the habit of going to the library plus the internet is free if you need to go online. J always loved going when he was a baby so I’m now taking R. This activity is free again and you can also network with other mums we now often go for a coffee and catch up afterwards
  3. Children’s centres- always lots going on here and most activities are free walks, painting and craft sessions you can always take older children. Myself and R attended a baby massage course which was excellent.
  4. National Bird next week- a local garden centre was holding a bird next making session for children of all ages. If you have a look in your local free paper lots of businesses hold events in school holiday time so to attract families.
  5. Guilt free networking- I went to a great mums networking event at a soft play centre in Warwick was run by Laura Morris from Networking Mummies. These are great sessions as your children have fun while you can meet other mums in business. Will definitely going back fab concept!
  6. Indoor cinema- save for when the weather is really bad. Get some treats and make your own popcorn and get a DVD with some blankets. It is definitely cheaper than going to the cinema and is also nice to snuggle up with my boys watch Toy story and chill.

I can’t wait til picnic season not far away now but there are lots of things you can do on a budget and lots of ideas within your local community that you can do that are free.

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