5 ways to save the pennies this year…

Saving the pennies this year is a biggy for me not just because of the state of the economy but for me especially as I have been made redundant recently. There are many ways we can all save money and here are a few of my ideas:

  • Change supermarkets – I love M&S and Sainsbury’s and will always still shop there for my treats but let’s face it a cucumber is a cucumber , pasta is pasta etc. I recently shopped at ALDI and you know what I think I’m hooked my bill was 30% cheaper and most things in my trolley were the same quality so make sure you shop around and try new places to shop.
  • Walk- walking is so good for us and enjoyable too whatever the weather! I’ve always had a company car and driven everywhere but in the process think I’ve become lazy. Also I can’t believe how much you miss in the car, I’ve seen buildings I never new existed, breathed in the fresh air, gained a bit of exercise for the day but more importantly have no car park or petrol charges and it’s Free!
  • Switch Utility suppliers – How much have our household bills gone up over the last 5 years? Massively and with the wholesale prices of energy going up and telephone and broadband and mobiles adding to the equation it can be a mortgage in itself. Make sure you shop around and compare prices regularly and check out Which magazine as they are totally independent some of these compare websites I found are not. I have all my bills through the Utility Warehouse and have saved over £750 a year so make sure you regularly compare.
  • Vouchers- Buy one get one free, 20% discount, free bottle of wine, the choice is yours. Everyone is feeling the bite this year and so many businesses are offering discounts. Sites such as, Groupon, Goodypass, KGB, have gone big this year haven’t you noticed loads of discounts at restaurants, hotels, spa treatments gifts etc. So get on google and see which vouchers you can find.
  • Holidays-again there are lots of bargains up for grabs online but do we really need to go abroad to have a break? Family holidays are much easier in this country just chuck everything in the boot, no flight delays, no getting up at stupid o’clock trying to get the kids ready. The lake district is a fab destination lots of adventures for children and places to explore. Cornwall is another fab place and in the summer gets some great weather.

There are so many other ways we can save this year and still have live the same quality of life or in fact have a bit more fun with it- all the best with your savings for 2012!

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