5 Business Strategies that can make a good Marriage!

Over the last twelve months my once ‘Perfect Marriage’ has seemed to have crumbled and after analysing where it went wrong, I wanted to share with you some business strategies that could keep your marriage strong.

Some of you may challenge me on this as I suppose I am taking the romance away from things, but I was brought up within a happy home with two parents that have recently celebrated their Ruby wedding anniversary, who taught me that marriage is a life long commitment and that you take the rough with the smooth!

Having two boys under the age of five, moving house twice, being made redundant, starting a business, having a wannabe celebrity husband is surely going to put the pressure on things… right?

I’ve listened to the advisors, friends, and family, but for most of my life I’ve always gone with my gut instinct. It’s the same in business or with any partnership listen to your gut… it always knows the answer!

I’ve created these 5 Business Strategies that will not only ensure you success if you implement them into your business, but will also help to keep your marriage strong…

1) Focus on the Positives – when you are building a business you will hit challenges and things that go wrong along the way. If you focus on these it will spiral out of control. Think the Law of attraction positivity breeds positivity – negativity breeds negativity. When something goes wrong, ie Your pitch with a new client goes badly, remember the pitch that went well and move on. In a relationship it is exactly the same, learning to focus on what you love about your partner or what he does that makes you happy will help you when he irritates you to the core lol! The “magic formula” is to deliver four positive messages for every negative one.

2)Identify their talent – You wouldn’t ask a salesman to drive the delivery van or your admin assistant to lead on a strategic project would you? Each has his own talents, but neither could do each other’s jobs well. A leader identifies the skills in their team so they can excel at what they do best. Don’t expect a Nurse ratched type to cuddle you when you have the flu, or ask a shopaholic to handle the budget, unless your favorite pastimes are head-banging and hair-pulling.

3)Clarify Your Priorities – When I was managing a team of people in the corporate world, I would always sit down 1:1 with my team and outline and discuss mine and their expectations of our working relationship. We would then have performance reviews to see where we were at with the objectives, outcomes and expectations. I always went through the 5 things that were important to me and my team. Approach your marriage in this way, and you may find that him leaving his smelly pants on the floor doesn’t bother you as is not part of your 5 important things, or it may bother you but he has no idea as he doesn’t realise it is important to you.

4)360 Degree Feedback – This phrase haunts me from my Pfizer days, all the leaders used to dread getting their 360 degree feedback lol! A 360-degree review uses evaluations from a variety of sources — such as coworkers and clients, not just a manager — to assess an employee’s performance. Getting some outside perspective on your marriage can be just as beneficial, sometimes you’re more open to receiving constructive criticism from close friends and family than you are from each other.

5)Win:Win – In any business agreement it has to be mutual beneficial, if it isn’t one party will always feel hard done by. If you wanted to a win a new client, you would plan and prepare and put all your effort into making sure you had tried 100% so why not do this in your relationship? You’d get fired if you put zero effort into your job. In marriage, that’s called divorce!

So there you have it my 5 Business Strategies that can make a good Marriage. We all want success in our business as well as our personal lives and the next time you feel misunderstood in your realtionships whether that be business or pleasure refer back to these strategies to keep you focused on the success you deserve!

If you would like to join a community of like minded entrepreneurs for more tips to help you on your journey within this digital economy, please do contact me directly, or click here to get started straight away. Here’s to your success as a Digital Entrepreneur!

See you at the top!

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